Submit a UofL Today Announcement

Deadline: Noon

Publication Schedule

Submissions received before noon will be posted later in the day in the Campus Announcement section of the UofL Today website. They will be included in the next workday’s UofL Today email. Submissions received after noon will be posted online the next workday and in the next available email.

Student-directed Announcements

Students do not receive UofL Today. Student-directed announcements are delivered to students through Student News postings and the SGA Email.  Submit an announcement to Student News or for the weekly SGA Email.

UofL Today will not accept submissions in any way other than via the form. If you cannot access the form, please email UofL Today to make other arrangements.

Read this before you start

Content Guidelines

  • Announcements must pertain to official university business or to university-sponsored activities for faculty and staff or for the entire university community. OCM reserves the right to reject announcements that do not meet this criteria and to recommend other communications vehicles for promotion.
  • Study announcements must contain the IRB or other UofL approval number.
  • OCM will repeat announcements ONLY if 10 working days have passed between announcements.
  • OCM will not accept announcements that are:
    • student-oriented (see Student-directed Announcements)
    • job postings
    • business advertisements (on or off campus)
    • for conferences, events or organizations not sponsored by the university
    • messages directed to a limited audience
    • death notices
    • retirement receptions (unless the person is known by the entire university community)
    • employee position announcements below the dean and vice president level

Readability Guidelines

  • Event dates and times are generated automatically on the new form. Do not include them in your description.
  • Never use exclamation marks in your headings or description text.
  • Do not use @ unless it is part of an email address or part of an official title.
  • Put quote marks around the title of your event in your event description.
  • Headings: Capitalize the first word and use lowercase for the others unless they are proper nouns or part of a title.
    • Example: Concert Friday at the Red Barn or Business leader to speak on campus
  • Capitalize the word campus when it is part of the campus name: Belknap Campus, Shelby Campus.
  • Use Health Sciences Center, not Health Sciences Campus or Health Sciences Center Campus.
  • Don’t capitalize professor, associate professor, assistant professor, etc.
  • Don’t capitalize a person’s title if it comes after his or her name.
  • Don’t use the title Dr. Instead use PhD, MD, EdD or other appropriate degree abbreviation (no periods)
  • When you include a web link, copy it directly from the web instead of typing it.
  • Put the most important information first. You have a limited space. Include a link or place for people to get more information, such as sponsors, rather than include them in your announcements.

The Office of Communications and Marketing (OCM) publishes UofL Today as a service to UofL faculty, staff and administrators. It is the primary medium for faculty and staff news and announcements. Email content reflects the content posted the previous work day at UofL Today online. The email delivers to faculty and staff accounts Monday through Friday.

Form Completion

  • Only university employees may submit announcements.
  • Announcements must be written in one paragraph of no more than 500 characters including spaces. Do not indent the first line of your description text.
  • Submitter information will not be included at the end of the announcement.
  • Before clicking on “Submit,” double-check the accuracy of the information.